Saturday, August 30, 2008

Advice from an ex: Tim Wyatt

Tim Wyatt was a longtime reporter in the projects and metro departments. He was most recently the federal courts reporter before taking the buyout in 2006. He now works as the public information officer for Collin County's government.

This probably won't be very comforting to those facing this round, but here's my two cents worth:

1. If you're leaving journalism for good, take heart with what a "Classmate of 2004" told me two years ago: "Corporate America can't write for shit, but they will pay for those who can, and they'll probably pay more than The News." It turned out to be true. Hell, government paid more than The News.

2. It might be the end of your dream job (it sure was for me), but it's no reflection on you. Even a low-brow, foul-mouthed hack like me turned out to be marketable in the outside world, and I have more time for my kid.

3. Taking a job outside of journalism doesn't make you a whore unless you were already leaning in that direction.

4. No matter where you land, the pressure and stress just won't measure up to the level to which you were accustomed in the newsroom. You can handle anything now, odds are slim that some rat bastard lawyer will sue you for libel, and deadlines in the outside world are laughable.

That's all I have. I wish you all well.

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