Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Until further notice

We will treat this post as an electronic bulletin board to leave comments on job postings, helpful links and any pertinent news for those who still come by the blog. There will be no posts until the next time storm clouds gather.

Sunday, October 26, 2008



Several of our colleagues have sent in notes and contact information to share with their friends at the Morning News. We will begin posting these on this thread as we get them. Let us also use this as a chance to share our thoughts with them.

To read goodbyes from them, click on their names.

Harris, Joyce Saenz: food writer, lifestyles/arts (jesharris [at] sent.com)
Hinojosa, David: copy editor, sports (Dhinojosa [at] aol.com)
Morton, Clay: assistant editor for Rowlett/Rockwall Co, metro (claymorton55 [at] msn.com)
Pania, Tina: assistant editor, international (tpania1 [at] yahoo.com)
Richter, Marice: staff writer for NE Tarrant/Denton Co, metro (mhrichter [at] verizon.net)
Troboy, Pam: copy editor, Universal Desk (ptroboy [at] aol.com)

Saturday, October 25, 2008


If you were laid off and need advice, this is your thread to ask questions of the audience. Just leave a comment.

Please remember there are links on the left-hand menu to helpful sites for employment and financial advice.


We appreciate those of you sending in job openings. We have been able to expand our job list significantly. If you are willing to relocate, there are several good opportunities available.

We continue to leave this as an open thread for anyone who knows of job openings. We also make this available for any prospective employer who would like to post a "help wanted" message.

In addition, a helpful commenter from several days posted links to other employment sites. Those are included again in the comments of this post.

Let us help facilitate our comrades finding a new positions.

NOTE: Do not forget the free workshop for freelancing. The deadline to register is Oct. 29.

Friday, October 24, 2008

By the numbers


Management indicated today that about 20 newsroom staffers were laid off. Al Dia reportedly lost four to five editorial people as well, cutting its staff significantly from when it first launched.

Corporate announced that the Dallas Morning News was targeted to lose 50 positions from the news, production, customer retention call center and Al Dia.

When combined with the buyouts, the DMN newsroom lost about 46 positions throughout the process. The biggest losses were in lifestyles/arts, metro, photo and sports. Top managers estimated the staff size between 340 and 350.

Nearly all the roughly 20 were known in-house by day's end. We have broken down the cuts by department and by job type. We have only named employees who contacted us and gave permission, or were named elsewhere publicly.

Business: 1
Copy desk: 1 (copy editor Pam Troboy, ptroboy [at] aol.com)
Lifestyles/arts*: 3 (food writer Joyce Saenz Harris, jesharris [at] sent.com; home/garden writer Paige Phelps)
Metro*: 5 (assistant editor Clay Morton, claymorton55 [at] msn.com; reporter Marice Richter, mhrichter [at] verizon.net; assistant editor Eric Garcia)
National/international*: 1 (assistant editor Tina Pania, tpania1 [at] yahoo.com)
News art: 1
Photo: 3 (photographer Milton Hinnant)
Sports: 4 (copy editor David Hinojosa, Dhinojosa [at] aol.com)
* -- formerly known as

Assistant editor: 4
Copy editor: 4
Graphic artists/page designer: 1
Photographer: 1
Photo editor: 2
Reporter: 7

Breaking news: Layoffs begin

Newsroom staff members from across the building have been called into meetings and notified that they are being cut.

Corporate previously announced that the Dallas Morning News was targeted to lose 50 positions from the news, production, customer retention call center and Al Dia.

We will try to post numbers of layoffs by department and job type by day's end. In the interest of accuracy, we may be slow to do that. The ensuing chaos may lead to mistaken information in these early stages. We ask for help with e-mail reports.

Please be rest assured that we will not name employees or list specific job titles that could identify them unless they grant us permission first. We will err on the side of respecting their privacy.

SPECIAL NOTE TO FALLEN COLLEAGUES: You should feel free to contact therockoftruth@gmail.com and use this blog to send farewell messages or contact information, or publicize your availablility to prospective employers. We will gladly broadcast that for you. It is the least we can do.

News from corporate

CEO Robert Decherd issued letters today to shareholders and employees discussing "numerous initiatives on parallel paths to construct a new business model for A. H. Belo." Corporate will release third-quarter results next Friday.

Two changes of note for staff are salary freezes and 20 percent reduction in Board of Directors fees.

Decherd also said the reductions-in-force "will be completed soon." Several commenters toward the end of the "Great Layoff Wait of 2008" thread quoted metro editors as saying layoffs would happen today.