Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why is this blog here?

Because it is honorable to recognize the individuals who toiled in the fields, doing their part to make the Dallas Morning News as good a product as it could be. But due to financial forces beyond their control, they were made a "voluntary severance offer." Had that been in copy, an editor would have changed that to read "buyout."

This blog has two missions:

1) To honor anyone who so wishes to send in their name to and grants permission to post it here. We will publicize your name, what you did for this newspaper and any goodbye wishes you have to those left behind. We will also use this as a forum for colleagues to praise you in return. This may be the only way you get your fair due, because according to multiple reports, managers have been silent toward buyout takers.

2) To help our colleagues with job leads. We will gladly accept and post job announcements here. For anyone taking a buyout, or if worse happens a layoffs occur, publicizing his or her name here may help you connect with prospective new employers. For prospective new employers, you may also send in your information as well and we will post that, too.

Thank you and Godspeed.

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