Sunday, August 31, 2008

Refresher on buyout estimates

The poll results keep coming in. Most voters think the Dallas Morning News' editorial operations fell short of the target of buyout takers needed to avert layoffs.

Many predict the newsroom had 20 to 29 employees take the company up on its buyout offer. It is not a bad guess. One day after the opt-in period closed, Newsbuyout08, a predecessor blog to this one, posted a rough count of 22 takers.

The Rock can substaniate 14 of the 22. The number verified by department is noted in parentheticals. Those people have not yet granted permission to release their names. The list:

From Photo: four photographers (4)
From News Art: three artists (2)
From Business News: one reporter (1)
From Local News: three reporters, one clerk (4)
From Arts/Lifestyles: one reporter and four editors (2)
From Sports: one assigning editor, 3 copy editors, one page designer (1)
From Editorial: no takers
From Enterprise/Projects: no takers
From News Desk/Universal Desk: no known takers

Newsbuyout08 previously blogged that there were few takers in advertising. The Rock has no details about numbers in departments such as circulation, printing and human resources.

Corporate has not stated what happens if the Dallas Morning News as a whole or one of its departments has a low number of takers but other areas of A.H. Belo have an abundance, which may not be likely.

The assumption has been each property and department must meet its own target or else. That is a question Corporate mercifully will answer later this week.

* * *

(To readers, if The Rock gets anything wrong or forgets something that corporate has said, please send an e-mail to and we will correct the information.)


Anonymous said...

4 + 2 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 1 = 14, not 15. Maybe YOU should've taken the buyout and gone back to kindergarten. said...

You are correct, anonymous.

Texas Flood said...

hey anonymous...way to miss the point...seriously...NICE JOB...