Thursday, August 28, 2008

Report: News possible by week's end

The Phoenix, an alterative-weekly newspaper based in Boston, has monitored the job cuts situation at DMN's sister publication, The Providence Journal.

ProJo is a unionized newspaper, as you may know. To date, the union has received information faster from A.H. Belo corporate offices than employees at DMN. So it has proved wise to track developments at ProJo.

The Phoenix, in reporting Aug. 27 that ProJo did not appear likely to meet its target for buyout takers, added this:

According to a newgroup e-mail circulated among Guild members, the union “expects to hear from the company by the end of [this] week on whether additional staff cuts are necessary. If they are, the Guild and the company will need to discuss how additional reduction will occur.”
What this doesn't say is whether the union would publicly inform its newsroom members or simply begin private negotiations with A.H. Belo. So week end's could come with no more details than what is known now: rumors.


Anonymous said...

The Guild exists for its members, so of course it would inform them first. said...
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Hopefully you are correct. That way Corporate's plan might become public.

(To readers: Previous comment was deleted after a technical error by The Rock, who authored the comment. It is Labor Day and hot dogs call. No conspiracy to silence anyone.)