Thursday, September 18, 2008

Help wanted: Layoff reports


We have received preliminary reports that layoffs happened in Belo Interactive earlier today. These are unconfirmed at this stage. If you are one of the employees dismissed, please contact to help us substaniate.

We can also report that a Quick employee was also cut several days ago. A commenter raised that prospect. We can substaniate that. The employee has contacted us.


Anonymous said...

An unidentified member of the Quick staff said he was "axed" on Tuesday, Sept. 16. Don't know if he was the only one. Quick, which once numbered 11 staffers, lost 4 in the buyout. The staff had been told by its publisher that there would be significant reductions as Quick moves toward publishing weekly next month. People were left in the dark about whether they might be able to apply for jobs elsewhere in The DMN. This has been a pattern for people who join a new product. When the product tanks, they're out. Remember CueCat? TXCN? Briefing? (uh, sorry, too soon)

Anonymous said...

Why would a company lay off or buy out anyone -- ANYONE -- on either your advertising staff, which makes you money, or your online staff, which harnesses new media for widespread consumption?

I'm an alum, so I'm not on the ground there with y'all. No doubt there are many specifics of the situation there that I'm not taking into account.

But from my perspective: Seems to me you need your sales staff and your online geniuses. (And your reporters.)

Does Belo have a death wish?

Anonymous said...

Yes. said...

A Quick employee has contacted The Rock to report being cut. That is correct.

Anonymous said...

Quick, which once numbered 11 staffers, will be just four once the weekly starts (whenever that may be).

How will that be enough staff to produce the product? I don't know?