Sunday, September 28, 2008

Poll results

The latest results to the poll question, "Do you stand by your decision about the buyouts?," reflect some trepidation from voters. Nearly half of the 55 respondents did not take it but worry about their future as a layoff announcement looms at the Dallas Morning News.

As for other voters, equal numbers of non-buyout takers feel safe or are willing to accept whatever lies ahead. Six of the people who did opted out and responded have no regret, though.

The final results:

I did not take it. I am worried for my future: 26 votes (47%)
I did not take it. I do not fear being laid off: 12 votes (21%)
Life is short. What happens happens: 11 votes (20%)
I took it. I am glad I did: 6 votes (10%)
I took it. I wish I had not: 0 votes (0%)

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