Friday, September 12, 2008

Sad day upon us


Friday is here. Most of our colleagues who opted for the buyout and were approved depart this day. It is strikingly to see the talent walking out the door.

Parties and gatherings are scheduled throughout the building. Please stop by and wish our friends well. No one minds if you did not know them. Journalism is a fraternity.

Before we take another look at our friends who will undoubtedly go out and make another employer happy, we make this offer to them. If any of you would like to post goodbye messages, please e-mail them to We will begin to share all that we receive.

In alphabetical order (these are employees who agreed to release their names for publication):

Business (1)
Marta, Suzanne: reporter. (contact: Suzanne.Marta [at] )

Lifestyles, arts (4)
Becker, Stephen: assistant editor, arts. (contact: sbecker [at]
Daniel, Mike: writer/copy editor, arts.
Dunklin, Mary: Healthy Living editor. (contact: marydunklin [at] )

News management (1)

Metro (3)
Anderson, Karin Shaw: reporter. (contact: anderson.karin [at] )
Beauchamp, Jenni: news assistant. (contact: jenni.beauchamp [at]
Fox, Laurie: reporter. (contact: laurie-fox [at] )

News art (3)
Abrams, Kerri: page designer/F!D Luxe and Looks. (contact: kerriabrams1 [at]
Black, James: graphics editor.
Dugger, Jason: design editor/sports. (contact: jwdugger [at]

News/copy desk (1)
Kelly, Terry: senior assistant news editor.

Photo (5)
Jau, Mei-Chun: senior video producer/editor. (contact: meichun007 [at]
Leeson, David: photographer, videographer.
Pruitt, Richard Michael: photographer, videographer.
Schlegel, Erich: photographer, Austin bureau. (contact: erichross1 [at]

Quick (2)
Pinson, Travis: paginator/copy editor. (contact: tpinson [at]
Velez, Chris: paginator/copy editor.

Sports (4)
Eckberg, Jon: page designer/copy editor. (contact: joneckberg [at]
Miller, Jeff: assistant editor. (contact: 214-794-4384)
Moore, Joel: page designer/copy editor. (contact: auxnap [at]

State (2)
Hawkins, Amy: office manager
McLemore, David: reporter, San Antonio bureau.

NOTE: If you also took the buyout and have reconsidered wanting to post your name, feel free to e-mail

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