Thursday, September 4, 2008

Seen this morning at DMN

This photograph was sent in by an alert reader.

UPDATE: Another alert reader provides a possible explanation for the appearance of cardboard boxes. We hope this is reason to breathe a sigh of relief.

Darryl Thornton, the vice president over human resources, sent an e-mail to some employees this morning and noted the boxes were for buyouts takers who were approved.

"Most employees will need boxes to pack their personal belongings," according to the e-mail. "To obtain boxes for your employee(s), please contact ... in Facilities with the number of boxes needed and where they are to be delivered."

Darryl also noted two things that may interest departing employees.

1) They will have "exit meetings" with their managers next week. These will be mostly administrative in nature to return company property. If the employee would like "a more in-dept [sic] exit interview," according to the memo, they can work with their managers to "contact Human Resources who will schedule an interview. Human Resources will schedule and conduct exit interviews with those employees who are manager level and above."

2) If they are leaving on Sept. 12, the final paycheck will come on Sept. 26. This will include payment for the last work week, any unused vacation and full severance amounts. The check will be received the normal way the employees got their money.

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