Wednesday, September 10, 2008


(Please treat with care. Until management speaks, nothing is set in stone.)

Editors throughout the Dallas Morning News had meetings Wednesday apparently to discuss the impending layoffs, based on multiple reports.

The participants, department heads and higher in title, were not divulging details when asked.

Some of that silence could be expected. A lawsuit filed by 18 former employees alleging discrimination during the 2004 layoffs is scheduled for trial in January. Corporate undoubtedly is proceeding with caution.

Reports have been circulating that top editors are creating lists that rank staff members as part of the layoff process. It is unclear what factors are being used.

Employees in Providence likewise have received no information on which method Corporate will use to cut jobs.


Anonymous said...

In the take it for what its worth category:

Management commissioned a computerized analysis a couple of months back intended to count bylines. Results were not entirely satisfactory and effort did not proceed too far.

Secondly, we have already been told about changes in job evaluations that essentially deflate staff performance levels to more of a "meets standards" label. This obviously helps when one is trying to build a case that someone isn't cutting it.

Four years ago, department heads were asked to rate their employees on a 1 to 5 scale. The idea was that those on the lower end would be the ones most likely to be laid off. No way to know if that's how it worked in real life. Some of the folks laid off were top-notch performers whose jobs were being eliminated.

Rest assured, there is a lot of subjectivity involved.

And, yes, management is concerned about avoiding further litigation, if that's possible. said...

Thank you for the post.