Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Word to buyout takers

Corporate is unlikely to release a list of employees whose buyout offers were confirmed if past experience is a judge. If you are departing and you want to release your name, consider sending an e-mail to

Why would you do this? You have value in the marketplace. Going public may help potential employers find you.

During the 2004 layoffs, one departing staff member who went public said he landed a plum job in the private sector when the prospective boss was looking for a writer and saw his name, according to a predecessor blog.

During the 2006 buyouts, another departing staff member who went public was contacted by the Wall Street Journal when it learned she was available.

You can also use this blog to publish farewells to colleagues. You can also use this to pass along contact information to remain in contact with them.

Of course, this is a deeply private decision for many of you. You may wish to remain private. That is your right. You earned it.

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