Friday, August 29, 2008

A quiet holiday

No clear signs Friday that an answer will come on the layoff question. Inbox empty. Blogs slow. Labor Day calls.

The Rock leaves you with this from Joe Grimm of the Poynter Institute. He made the decision to accept a buyout recently from the Detroit paper where he was the recruiter.
Dealing with this junk takes guts. And it is risky. Yes, many people are getting hurt by this transformation. And some are benefiting. Right now, it seems to me that more are getting hurt. But just as you are at the beginning of a career, all of us are at the beginning of a historic transformation. No one can give you any assurance about what will happen or where we'll wind up. But we are beginning to see some of what it will take to succeed: adaptability, entrepreneurship, initiative and an audience orientation.

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