Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Coverage of San Antonio bureau closing

The San Antonio Express-News blogged about David McLemore's buyout departure and how that signals the closing of the Morning News' bureau there, the state's second-largest city. This leaves the newspaper without a bureau in Texas' two largest cities.

The Express-News item quotes Editor Bob Mong as saying the Morning News will cover San Antonio from its Austin bureau.
"They'll do a good job, but it's not the same as having Dave there," he said.

David, a 34-year veteran of newspapering, agreed to let The Rock post his goodbye message to the newsroom last Friday.

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Anonymous said...

And Sarah Palin knows Russia because she can see it from Alaska's farthest barrier island. Gimme a break. Some humans have an infinite capacity for self-delusion. Or is it B.S.?
This would be the same Mr. Mong who told us two years ago that he would understand if we weren't up to handling the "dynamic change" that was in store for the paper. He isn't singing that tune any more. His lips barely move these days, and when they do, there is no bravado in his words. He did take the out-of-character step of telling the staff on the same day that the buyout was announced that the newspaper cannot cut its way to profitability. One wonders how that played with corporate.
One further wonders what it means that Mr. Mong's longtime secretary, Vaniese Scott, took the buyout. Is that a golden parachute I see unfurling?