Saturday, September 6, 2008

Help wanted

We are interested in hearing from dearly departed Dallas Morning News colleagues who left in the rounds of job cuts from 2006 and 2004 to glean advice and pointers for employees who are about to venture out into the workforce.

If you are interested in sharing your advice and experiences, please e-mail We hope to prepare posts that we can publish soon on this blog, as our friends begin a new stage of their careers. We hope these posts can be helpful and even inspiring.


Anonymous said...

WHY would anyone put themselves and their families through yet another journalism chase?

It makes no sense to live in the past.

Yes, democracy needs great reporting. No, that's never been the purpose of the ownership.

Please, please stop with the "mission" and "I wanna make things better" stuff.

It's over, and the public doesn't respect you for hanging on. Get out ASAP and hope the ad model is reformed by demand of an uninformed public.

Some day. said...

We understand and appreciate the tough love message here. Maybe some of us need to hear this, especially now.

We would hesitate to tell any low-ranking, common employee that they should abandon characteristics like sense of "mission" and wanting to "making things better." Whether they work for a newspaper, a new media company or an advertising agency, those are valuable traits.

Anonymous said...

You can "make a difference" and have a "mission" in places other than new media, ad agencies or newspapers.

You can do it when a company supports your work with all available resources, pays you well and encourages superior performance.

What makes you think you're "low-ranking, common?"

Your current bosses, all of whom will get golden parachutes long after the talent has been escorted from the newsroom.

As an ex-DMNer, I'm completely exasperated by the calls I get from those still inside. I have nothing left to tell anyone except, "Get your ego back. They stole it."