Sunday, September 7, 2008

The week ahead

Last week was another momentous one in the history of A.H. Belo. Not for good reason.

For the fifth time since 1998, the company has ordered cuts at the Dallas Morning News. Legend has it that no one had ever been laid off or bought out before this period. That was a remarkable time of stability the likes of which we will probably not see again.

Some key questions were answered during the announcements that layoffs would ensue. Other important ones remain unknown. Several of the issues before us:

1) How many of the 270 buyouts came from the DMN newsroom?
2) How many of the 50 layoffs must come from the DMN newsroom?
3) Will the newsroom end up losing more people than previously targeted?
4) When will the layoffs begin? (We have only been told when they will complete.)
5) How will the layoffs be conducted?
6) What level of management will decide the layoffs?
7) Who shot J.R.?

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Anonymous said...

... and what will it take to keep layoffs from happening again? Or can we think that far ahead?

When everyone's looking for lifeboats, who saves the ship?