Monday, September 8, 2008

List of buyout takers


We continue to tally the number of staff members whose buyouts were accepted and whose Dallas Morning News tenure will end Friday.

Departing colleagues from the classes of 2004 and 2006 have said publicizing their names helped land job leads. Sharing your name also has a benefit to those who remain.

Corporate has not released a newsroom-wide number of buyout takers. Nor has it said how many layoffs must occur. Therefore the newsroom has no way of knowing whether Corporate will ultimately cut more jobs than the previous target of roughly 40.

These individuals have either contacted and given their permission to post, or publicly released their names elsewhere. Parenthesis denote the number of staff members in the department who have discussed taking the buyout but have not yet given clearance to be named.

In alphabetical order:

Business (1)
Marta, Suzanne: reporter. (contact:

Lifestyles, arts (4)
Dunklin, Mary: Healthy Living editor. (contact:

Metro (3)
Anderson, Karin Shaw: reporter. (contact:
Beauchamp, Jenni: news assistant. (contact:
Fox, Laurie: reporter. (contact:

News art (3)
Abrams, Kerri: page designer/F!D Luxe and Looks. (contact:
Dugger, Jason: design editor/sports. (contact:

News/copy desk (1)
Kelly, Terry: senior assistant news editor.

Photo (4)
Jau, Mei-Chun: senior video producer/editor.
Leeson, David: photographer, videographer.
Pruitt, Richard Michael: photographer, videographer.
Schlegel, Erich: photographer, Austin bureau. (contact:

Sports (4)
Eckberg, Jon: page designer/copy editor. (contact:
Miller, Jeff: assistant editor. (contact: 214-794-4384)
Moore, Joel: page designer/copy editor. (contact:

State (2)
McLemore, David: reporter, San Antonio bureau.

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